Jan-Hendrik & Rochelle

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So there were two things that were really important to Rochelle before she booked me… For their wedding to be private and intimate… AND to have their couple photos taken with the sheep at Oranje Guest Farm, as these darling creatures were the theme for their wedding!

I was super excited to shoot yet another wedding in the beautiful Eastern Free State (one of my favourites!), AND in Springtime! How lucky! I couldn’t take enough photos of the contrasting greens, yellows and pinks from the blossoms! It was just so pretty!

As I took the detail shots I was really impressed when Rochelle told me that her groom made her bouquet! I thought it was so adorable and special and the coolest thing ever!

I just HAD to share a few of the detail shots…

2015-10-26_0029 2015-10-26_0001 2015-10-26_0002 2015-10-26_0003 2015-10-26_0004 2015-10-26_0005 2015-10-26_0006 2015-10-26_0007 2015-10-26_0008 2015-10-26_0009 2015-10-26_0010 2015-10-26_0011 2015-10-26_0012 2015-10-26_0013 2015-10-26_0014 2015-10-26_0015 2015-10-26_0016 2015-10-26_0017 2015-10-26_0018 2015-10-26_0019 2015-10-26_0020 2015-10-26_0021 2015-10-26_0022 2015-10-26_0023 2015-10-26_0024 2015-10-26_0025 2015-10-26_0026 2015-10-26_0027 2015-10-26_00282015-10-26_00292015-10-26_00302015-10-26_00312015-10-26_00322015-10-26_0033

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