Flip & Marie-Louise Winter Wedding

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A few things stood out to me at this wedding and will pleasantly remain in my memory for years to come…..

Just HOW gorgeous and glamorous Marie-Louise looked! *Sigh*

Flip’s reaction when the chapel door opened and he saw his bride for the first time! *TEARS of joy*

The happiness shining from Flip during the whole ceremony… you could see his thoughts dancing on his face (*Aren’t I the luckiest man on the planet????*)

The love between a step Dad and step Son…

AND the ice rain as I drove home after the wedding….it was soooo cold!

I felt so special to be a part of this wedding. Every detail was beautiful and the abundance of LOVE warmed up even the coldest winters day. I pray that you two (three) will be happy forever! Thank you for making me a part of it.

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