Carl & Elizabeth Wedding | 22.02.2014

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I was really excited when Carl and Elizabeth told me that their wedding was going to take place at her parents private home in Bloemfontein! I have to admit that their wedding surpassed all my expectations! I was really impressed just by how they pulled it off and how exquisite it turned out to be! You two make such a beautiful couple and Elizabeth, you were the most beautiful bride!!! May you be forever happy!

IMG_8857_WEB IMG_9719_WEB IMG_9634_WEB IMG_9594_WEB IMG_9592_WEB IMG_9535_WEB IMG_9473_WEB IMG_9378_WEB IMG_9370_WEB IMG_9575_WEB IMG_9337_WEB IMG_9247_WEB IMG_9243_WEB IMG_9231_WEB IMG_9181_WEB IMG_9132_WEB IMG_9034_WEB IMG_9025_WEB IMG_8940_WEB IMG_8940_WEB (2) IMG_8926_WEB IMG_8915_WEB IMG_8881_WEB IMG_8868_WEB IMG_8863_WEB

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