Carl & Elizabeth | Post-wedding shoot

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I was really excited when Carl & Elizabeth contacted me for a post wedding shoot. This meant we could take photos until the sun sets (and this is literally what we did! A photographer’s dream come true!) and we didn’t need to rush. They had such a lovely wedding day, but as we started taking their couple photos it became overcast and Elizabeth wanted some awesome light shots as well. I didn’t complain at all as the light this day was so perfect and we had way too much fun!

2015-02-08_0009 2015-02-08_0008 2015-02-08_0007 2015-02-08_0006 2015-02-08_0005 2015-02-08_0004 2015-02-08_0003 2015-02-08_0002 2015-02-08_0001

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