Xandor & Emily

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I met Xandor & Emily the week before their wedding and they greeted me as if I was an old friend. I just knew that this would set the trend for an outstanding wedding… and so it did!!

Their wedding took place at Emily’s mom’s house in Philippolis. At some stage during the morning we all thought that the whole wedding would move as almost everything that could go wrong, DID! It rained the whole morning and no electricity drama had poor Emily in tears.. a few times actually…

But the day couldn’t have turned out any better and more perfect!! The electricity “miraculously” came back on and the sunshine arrived just in time to celebrate their union under the trees.

It was a memorable moment when Xandor saw Em for the first time (my favourite moment of almost every wedding!).

As the couple session started, I couldn’t stop the two from talking non-stop (apart from when they kissed… that happened the rest of the time – haha!!) and I could see that they are the best of friends and just LOVE being in each other’s company. I enjoyed seeing that…

I usually tell my couples to act as though I’m not there…you know, to get those candid moments…but for them it happened naturally. I really hope Xandor & Emily, that these will help you reflect on the best day of your lives. May you passionately love each other (as this day) until forever ends. Thank you for allowing me in. 🙂

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