Winmar & Adri | Namibian Destination Wedding

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I have no words that can express the emotion I have while uploading this album. There’s just so many things/memories going through my mind and to compress that all in a few paragraphs is just really nearly impossible. The journey started LONG before the wedding. I still remember the day I got the email from Adri, thinking it is just a dream. How can such cool people from Namibia ask ME to photograph their wedding….IN NAMIBIA! Excited was an understatement!!!!! And then I got to know Adri over email…she is a darling, she is super organised! And really the coolest, most sincere bride I have ever had! She organised my plane ticket, my accommodation, planned my journey to Namibia to the finest detail…sent me a personal itinerary starting with “liewe Maryke”, personalised letter, what time I have to be here and there…who will fetch me from the airport in Windhoek and the list continues….AND when I started talking to her friends, I realised she did this for EVERYONE on the wedding. I am Amazed at the person you are Adri, really amazed!! And I felt so special that you chose ME to capture all of this. I could see how everyone around you, close to you adores you and it wasn’t hard to understand why! Namibia surprised me so much…not that I didn’t think I would be amazing…it was SO MUCH more than what I envisioned! The scenery so different than what I’m used to and so breathtakingly beautiful! Needless to say, I struggled choosing just a few photos to upload…because I want to tell the whole story, the “behind the scenes”, the tears while Adri’s friends shared their love for her over martini’s, the hospitality of everyone…the open arms that received me as a GUEST (not just THE photographer). THIS is what makes being away from my family over weekends a bit more bearable. The wedding itself was just perfect, every tiny detail, all the help from their friends and guests to make their day memorable, the location of the ceremony, the location of the COUPLE shoot (Oh MY GOODNESS!!) and all the bits in between! Thank you so much for choosing me Adri and Winmar. It was amazing and I hope you love your photos as much as I enjoyed the whole experience!

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