Marthinus & Giselle

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This wedding left me speechless…..yet evoked so many emotions in me….so give me a moment to revert those in to words…..

As I arrived at Marthinus’s Parents house, I nearly fainted as it looked exactly like I would picture my dream house. I didn’t know Bloemfontein hid such a gem right in town…it sits nestled between other houses but still feels like an old farm house in the country side. I couldn’t help but to take some detail shots of the house in between and I had to remind myself that I’m photographing a wedding…not a lifestyle session…haha!

Giselle has the most beautiful taste and every detail of the wedding reflected that.

The wind picked up and we were almost confident that it would rain, but the weather held perfectly so they could still get married in the bush chapel at Woodlands Function venue and I was so happy about that! I just LOVE outside weddings. I can still remember Giselle saying that she’s getting married outside, whether it rains or not! 😀

Just as we finished their couple session, the rain started and so did the warm and cosy reception with 5 star cuisine! We all ate like kings and as Giselle did her speech (and nearly had everyone in tears – including me!) I realised what a privilege it has been to capture all their special moments. Thank you so much Giselle for entrusting this to me, I am honoured to have been a part of it. May you and Marthinus be forever blessed!

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