Jandré & Alicia

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I was delighted when Jandré and Alicia booked me for their Ficksburg wedding. I just LOVE that part of our country and this day was especially awesome! It pretty much rained the whole morning and afternoon and I prepared myself for yet another wet photo session. But I was pleasantly surprised as the clouds cleared up and allowed us to capture the beauty of the scenery. The backdrop of every photo took my breath away and I just didn’t want the photo session to end! Usually I am the only one who is so excited about taking photos, that I have to challenge myself to end before the sun sets. Not this time! I still don’t know who prolonged the couple shoot more, me…or Jandré. We would make turns to say….”Just ONE more…..” (Which actually means a hundred or so more…hehe!). I enjoyed every second of it. Jandré and Alicia, I hope these photos will bring back the memory of the moments of your awesome and perfect day! And may it remind you of your joy and love for one another.

2015-04-14_0087 2015-04-14_0085 2015-04-14_0094 2015-04-14_0090 2015-04-14_01002015-04-14_00152015-04-14_00092015-04-14_00042015-04-14_00032015-04-14_00022015-04-14_00212015-04-14_00762015-04-14_00742015-04-14_00722015-04-14_00672015-04-14_00662015-04-14_00592015-04-14_00512015-04-14_00482015-04-14_00432015-04-14_00382015-04-14_00352015-04-14_00822015-04-14_0104 2015-04-14_0102 2015-04-14_0098 2015-04-14_0095

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