More about me

PhotographerMy passion for photography started long before I even knew about its possibilities. Armed only with a simple “mik & druk” (aim and shoot) film camera, whilst Au-pairing in Holland, my love for photography became evident and grew increasingly stronger. Two years later, I had the opportunity to gain experience in this art form, as part of a three year graphic design diploma. As a qualified graphic designer, I believe that my proficiency in both graphic design and photography gives me a competitive advantage in the professional world of photography. My aim is to use this combination to create breathtaking memories, that speaks to your soul and evoke emotions within. Hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do. I absolutely love photographs that capture the true character and personality of a person. I always try to do the less obvious shot, trying different and unpredictable angles. Vibrant colours in strange combinations and incredible detail motivates me…and when I edit my photographs, I enter a dream world where that which was captured becomes alive and immortal. My dream is not to become like the best photographers I know, but to become the BEST photographer I can be. I hope that through my blog and my photographs you will be inspired to have your picture taken!